As most of you know I am at a high risk static armed post. That being said if you are in the same boat you will know that you have a lot of time to think about any and every thing to pass the time. My political beliefs are loyal to no party I vote for the person that will make me feel good about what they say. I see bad people and let people know how I feel as in the next article is not about any party but what the leader did with his time in office.

The following is about a pledge Mitt Romney while running for governor said that we are the only state in the union that uses Cops as roadside construction detail and the cost of these cops was killing the taxpayers of this state and if elected he would put an end to it. Remember the article is about one small group of Staties and there are literally thousands of construction details in the state over the summer. On a side note most of the Staties have had their windows tinted since news reporters have posted video of these guys sleeping on the job at $35.00 per hour. Mitt got elected and we never heard about this subject again.

Big Dig pay dirt for troopers: Lieutenants rake in lucrative overtime
By Dave Wedge
Boston Herald Chief Enterprise Reporter

Wednesday, March 28, 2007 - Updated: 11:25 AM EST

State police brass at the Massachusetts Turnpike scooped up lucrative road jobs after the Big Dig tunnel collapse, snagging a nearly $1 million overtime cash windfall as salaries skyrocketed to unprecedented six-figure levels.

The 14 lieutenants assigned to the Pike hauled in an average of $67,234 in overtime pay last year, pushing their average annual pay to $207,911. One raked in more than $100,000 in overtime pay alone, a Herald review of Pike payroll records found.

The staggering OT earnings of the Pike lieutenants, whose base annual pay is about $90,000, has escalated tensions with the rank-and-file troopers union, which has several grievances pending against the department regarding the assignment of overtime. But Pike spokesman Jon Carlisle said overtime during the tunnel closures was handed out based on union rules.

“There are policies and assurances in place to make sure it’s done in a fair and equitable fashion,” Carlisle said.

But hiring brass to do Big Dig road jobs jacked up the taxpayer cost significantly since the overtime rate for lieutenants is more than double what troopers make. Troopers, whose base starting salary is $49,000, make between $37 and $53 per hour for overtime, while lieutenants get up to $92 an hour for the same job.

The result at the Pike was seven lieutenants who made more than $200,000 and an eighth who made nearly $198,000. All 14 made more than the $155,000 paid to the Pike’s top cop, Maj. Michael Mucci.

Topping the list was Lt. John F. O’Grady Jr., who earned $281,845 in 2006, thanks to $122,478 in overtime pay. In 2005, O’Grady made $80,522 in overtime and a total salary of $231,321.

The second top-earner was Lt. Drew Kalton, who made $97,364 in OT, for a total of $249,679. Kalton made just $39,468 in OT in 2005 and $157,064 for the year.

The union grievances accuse the brass of swiping road jobs from rank-and-file troopers in violation of rules that require overtime shifts go to lower-paid officers. Troopers also complain that the road jobs fall outside of the higher-ranking officers’ job descriptions. Union officials declined comment.

Despite the rift, the tunnel closures also proved lucrative for the Pike’s 150 rank-and-file troopers, 24 of whom made more than $200,000.

In a move to save money, Pike officials last month gave troopers take-home cruisers for the first time in years and stripped them of a $40-a-day stipend to drive their own cars to work. The long-standing perk had boosted some troopers’ salaries by $12,000.
“Troop E is subject to the same payment structure governing all state troopers,” Carlisle said. “Where we can reduce costs . . . we do.”

OK the next one is about three named bad guys. I have been all over the world and never met anyone that on a daily basis was referred to with all thee names. Is this reserved for just real hanus crime doers?

John Wilkes Booth Coral Eugene Watts Tommy Lynn Sells Henry Lee Lucas
John Wayne Gacey - Lee Harvey Oswald Gary Leon Ridgway
Bill Joe Mc Allister

And last for this episode is an impromptu survey that I did while on the gate in Germany. Talk about boring. Anyway the weekends were rough as the GIs would drag home after spending the night at the fantastic bars down town in Pforzheim. Each weekend I would note that the same guys wanted to challenge authority and others were happy go lucky drunks. Just wanted to offer me a drink and go to bed an sleep it off. So after a while I would ask each soldier what he was drinking on that particular evening. Although very unscientific the results were interesting. The folks that drank Red wine were the aggressive and the happy ones were drinking white wine.

My next project will be on face recognition. Not what you think as matching faces to wanted posters etc. I am working on the eyes of bad guys and facial expressions of the same to see if there is a look that bad guys have that could be seen as they approach us. I was on a roll until I found a picture of NE QB Tom Brady with the same look in his eyes as all the bad guys I have photos of. Not a major set back though as Tom has a very strange thought process in a good way as we all know.