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Youtube (Google Video) Pet Peeve!!

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  • Youtube (Google Video) Pet Peeve!!

    Ok, this might sound odd to some of you, but when I use youtube or google video (I know they are practically the same), I grow so dang tired of people showing off their damn video editting skills as opposed to showing the dam video.

    It sucks trying to watch a video and in 20 seconds of vid you have 184 video effects!

    I mean I just want to watch <insert whatevere the hell it is here> and not the cool and spiffy way in which you can flip it upside down.

    Also, on a sidenote videos that are not videos and are actually montages, or slideshows should be labelled as such, or deleted. I think Donnie Baker said it was a state law, if so, how come no one is enforcing it?

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    I know what you mean. I think they are trying to copy the TV and movie people. I hate that "Blair witch" shakey camera crap. Also when they zoom in and out repeatedly. What ever happened to a steady camera? Nothing like trying to get your audience nauseous.


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      I'd say about 80% of the videos on YouTube are made by teenagers, with no concept of film making.
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        much better film search engine.