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    Originally posted by CAPTAIN KOOLAID View Post
    When there no more room in hell the dead shall walk the earth...
    I though he was doing a sequel to land of dead .Then a a remake of day of the dead and something called red diamond.
    That was flimmed like blair witch project I just read stuff and watch the movies you met the people in it so you may know more then me.
    The "Day" remake is not George Romero. I've seen the trailers and it looks like crap. Any movie with a "vegetarian zombie" will not get my $$.
    "I'll let each of you guys punch me in the face if you'll just wash this crap outta my eyes!!" -Tweeker Shoplifter showing his distaste for pepper spray.


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      watching nascar.. movies.. model trains.. i go to school 18 hours a week, work 40 and go to the gym 10 so i unfortuntely dont have time for my other hobbies anymore.. Like playing video games, baseball and some other stuff.. just not enough time in the day..


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        Originally posted by The Hussard View Post
        collecting us state police patch and security patch. reading on the net , listening music , playing on PS2 . Hikking in wilderness area. Part time armoured soldier
        If your interested in some patches from Texas I'd be glad to share.