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  • Depression maybe.........

    Lately i have found it hard to get motivated to get up and go to work on-time, i was late twice last week, i am getting easily fusterated in my working enviroment i think, people are really starting to annoy the heck out of me, i am a bit more on edge, then i should be, i am really starting to dislike all of the politics that go into working in a state building, state employees are nice here, but im tired of the wishy washy do this and do that one week, then the next your doing it wrong, blah blah blah political bs. maybe im a bit depressed i dont know, i think maybe i might just be..... maybe i just need to take a vacation or something...
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    You might very well be clinically depressed. If diagnosed by your doctor, there are meds that will clear it up in about a week or two. Worked for me about 10 years ago. After about two months I weened myself off the meds.

    Hang in there!
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      I think by the nature of security it can be very depressing at times. Having a static post means you are in pretty much in the same place every day do the same nothing and see the same bland meat heads. When I worked the night shift at a different company I was alone in a massive plant. Videos watching every time you picked your nose etc. It did have a mobile patrol and I could go for a ride on the property and listen to NPR but sleep would come knocking and the stay awake battle was on.

      Anyway in the static post I take things that I have seen in POW movies and try to use them in my situation. First I make a rigid schedule and stick to it as best as I can. Like I bring a Banana every day and eat it at 10am with out anyone seeing me consume it. ( No food allowed on post) Same with 8 am coffee. At noon I have to sneak a quick sandwich. ETC. Then as mentioned in another post I listen to the Police/ Fire / Local Hospital security doing their thing. That takes a lot of my boredom and highly recommend it. I fill out my grocery list on my note pad when people are walking by and they think I'm taking important notes Also I find lyrics from the satellite music and write them down and try to find the song name and artist on the computer when I'm home.

      Last but not least being summer you never know what will wander in from the insect world. I will wait till someone gets close and say careful there's a bug there and the reaction sometimes is priceless. Of course there will be the Macho jerk that will stomp on it but never the less still entertaining. All the clients see is a sharp dressed security armed guard protecting them. My point is that if I just did as I was told then I would surely be very depressed. Oct will make my 1 year at this post and my little Hannibal Lector games keep me interested in going there each day. Try it it works.


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        You may be bored with your job
        - can you make any positive changes to make it better?
        - can you switch jobs?
        - can you take a vacation?

        You may be bored with your home life
        - can you make changes to your daily routines?
        - can you take a class?
        - do you have a good friend that understands your work to talk with over an extended lunch?
        - exercise more / less / differently
        - change your diet

        Don't rule out a full medical exam either
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          It is called getting burn out. It happens to everyone and this is when you take a vacation and do what you want. Call out sick on days when your not in the mood to work. After awhile you get back into the groove of things.