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  • Couple of items for sale...

    First off is a black straw campain hat; I got it last year when I made CPO, but only wore it for about 3 months because it was too small for me. According to the sizing chart from Gall's (which is where I got the hat) I should wear a size 7, but this is a size 7 and after a while my forehead would go numb... Personally, I would recommend the wearer have a head size ranging from 6 1/2 to 6 3/4 for this to be comfortable.
    Forgive the shakycam, my settings were off.
    Forgive the shakycam, my settings were off.
    Asking $65.00 shipped, brand new from Gall's are $81.99.

    Next is a leather motorola radio holder. It is a belt swivel type, the belt part is a slide on, not snap. The dimensions are 7 1/2" tall in the back, 4 3/4" tall in the front, 2 5/8" side to side, and 1 1/2" front to back. it also hase small d rings on either side for use with a Fireman's or Trucker strap. Basically, it will fit any radio smaller than a Motorola Radius P100.

    Asking $20.00 shipped, brand new similar types I've seen run upwards of $30.00.

    PM if interested. Thanks!
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