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  • One Big Surprise

    last summer I was going out camping and I was leaving at night to beat traffic,when I notice the neighbors truck had a visitor in the back ,so I hop in my truck to check it out. And I shot my high beams to get a nice shot of a big black bear jumping out of the bed of his truck.

    Figuring he left food in the back I went off camping figuring this guy will find out in the morning when I came back the next day ,to my surprise I found the same bear in the back of the truck eating away.

    And I scared him off again, wondering what was so interesting for a bear to keep hopping in this guys truck I went over to check it out ,and found three box's two sealed and one tore open and they all said cement on them,,then another neighbor came out and informed me the bear has been going to that truck all week eating away, so we called the police, to find out later all three box's where full of cocaine and the spare tire was full of cocaine

    I now figured that was one stone bear ,and was surprised it never died during all the time it was sucking this stuff down.

    The guy who own the truck was in jail for a DWI and I figured he got a surprised too