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Things that bug the heck out of me at work

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    No, they aren't that bad. But a three pack a day smoker, they have a perpetual cloud following them around, especially in enclosed spaces.

    I'd love to stay away from the smokers but that would put a serious crimp in my patrol.


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      Then I suggest you make a deal with them, and come up with a agreement.


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        Originally posted by HotelSecurity View Post
        Smoking in elevators That was banned many many years ago here! Are you sure you are in California & not France? LOL!

        I think he met the smell after a smokers is done smoking... allot of smokers don't think they smell after they smoke, but the truth is you smell for hours after you just don't smell it.

        as a ex smoker I can say that smoking is a bad habit and smoker do seem to get more off time then non smokers. Thats from being in the military. smokers would be hanging out puffing away and holding long conversations while we were picking up their slack. A person can say I'm gonna catch a quick smoke and it's cool. but if you say I'm gonna take a quick snack and talk on my phone you'll get laughed at and probably written up.

        4 years without a cig....


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          Grats on stop smoking I did it for 6 months,but ex drove me back to it,I understand there is smell on the clothes and smokers do not smell it , I also under stand where non smokers have problems with it but we are not all the same .I don't and I bet a few more that do smoke don't waste company time smoking there time up. What bugs me is you place us all or I feel like you place us all in that category .
          This subject has been on about every forum I have ever gone too,and to me it is a old subject,being drag along.

          And I know you will say hey you didn't have to write on it, if you can't handle it. Maybe so ,But sometimes you feel like you have to defend yourself against others who don't take your feelings into consideration.
          just my two cents, I am finished with this one.


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            Well Bern it just shows that things have changed over the past 20 or so years. Smoking is now socially unacceptable.
            I enforce rules and regulations, not laws.
            Security Officers. The 1st First Responders.


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              Back to things that bug me at work. People that don't have common sense. For example, yesterday the Operator calls Maintenance on his walkie-talkie. He tells her to "stand-by". A minute later she calls again. He tells her stand-by again. 2 minutes later she calls back. He answers that he is busy helping a guest & will call her back when he is free. A 1/2 hour later he calls her. She tells him that the guest in room 1711 had called to report smoke coming from his TV!!!!!!!! If she had common sense she would have given the Maintenance man the call even though he was telling her to stand-by &/or have called me.
              I enforce rules and regulations, not laws.
              Security Officers. The 1st First Responders.


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                One of my colleagues at my tutoring job likes to talk ALL the time, even when I try to make her see that I am busy with something. GOD, I hate that! I don't want to sound rude and impatient by telling her to shut the hell up, but it still gets on my nerves.

                Yes, smoking also gets on my nerves, especially when I see pregnant women doing it. Sometimes I want to go up to them and smack the s_hit out of them, but what can you do? Also, because it is my job to protect the employees where I work, any time one of them steps outside to take a smoke break, I have to go with them, which often means breathing in their secondhand smoke.


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                  Where to start

                  1. Coworker sitting by the phone and will not answer it or move out of the way and says, "sounds like the phone so I have to reach over the person to get it.
                  2. A cowoker sneezes so loud it sound like he is screaming, and sneezes at lest 4 times every time he starts in. I dont care how hard you sneez you dont have to yell, at lest I dont.
                  3. Coworker takes a call for service (phone in the office) is not doing anything and just hangs arround for a few min before going.
                  4. Smokers (employees) standing at the entrances to the hospital after being advised of the city ordinance, 50 feet from any door, and being told that there is a kazbo (sp) with benches, well lit, the correct distance from the ED entrance and expecting me to sand-by with them, then getting mad when we tell them we don't do that. Then they make a complaint and are told the same thing by our director and admin. When the same person is caught another time and asked to use the "but hut", city sidewalk, or be 50ft. away they say "I will just as soon as the CEO of the hospital comes out there with me!"
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                    I'm currently a trainee at the Kraft foods. Yet during my time there I've come to hate the security system for the fire, trouble, and priority 2 alarms. That bloody thing cries wolf over the trouble alarms far too much. Granted I'm not to worry about the trouble alarms, only the priority 2 and fire alarms. But that blasted trouble alarm tends to go off at times every 2 - 5 seconds with that loud buzz. For us guards there is nothing we can do about it. I told the one training me that I'm temped to bring in my camcorder to record it going off every few seconds and send the video clip to those above me and have it passed on. I only say this in hope that it would get fixed if they saw it first hand going off every few seconds. As opposed to just reading about it in some report.

                    The other thing that gets my goat is being hired for security but end up doing everything but security. At my current post I'm so do the jobs of shipping, a switchboard (transferring calls), car rental (signing out keys to those wanting to use the company van), and trucker dispatch (telling the truck driver to come get their trailer, or where to drop it off at until the buffer doc can use it). On top of watching the cameras for the parking lot (which some don't work, or is very glitchy, dropping pixels, or the television used is on the brink of failing) handing out temp badges for employees who lost/forgot or had their badge stolen, also disabling badges for those who had been fired/suspended (how ever we can't say they been fired or else the union of the worker might get pissed about it even if it was for a very good reason. IE fighting or threating to fight), then also doing my patrols in the back of the plant and the parking lots (due to the lack of a mobile patrol unit )