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    the other day my husband and i, and a friend of ours went to an indoor gun range to go shooting, well about half way through we stop. because my husband yells, well he had incorrectly placed his tumb behind the slide, in stead of thumb over thumb, he had his thumb sticking up and ripped part of his finger nail off, he wasnt hurt to bad, but bleed a little now his thumb nail has a U shape to it. he didnt know he had misplaced his thumb be cause he was so envolved in target shooting that he wasnt paying attention. SO REMEMBER GUYS! no matter how many times you have shot your guns REMEMBER TO PAY ATTENTION, he will admit he wasnt paying attention, it could have been worse he could have cut him self up pretty bad.
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    all I can say is... OUCH!


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      When I worked as a rangemaster this was fairly common. Especially among revolver shooters who were switching to autos. They used to teach revolver shooters to hold the gun that way. With the wheel gun it isn't a big deal one way or the other, but when you go to autos, that thumb had better be out of the way.
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        I did the same thing when I got my first auto. Going from a S&W 686 to a Sig took some getting used too (some blood as well). It only happened a couple times (sometimes it takes more then once to sink in). I've still got the nice little scar on my thumb as a reminder.


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          Thankfully, I learned the semi-auto (S&W .22 target pistol) before the revolver (S&W Model 27) when I was growing up, and knew never to place my finger near the slide.

          My father, on the other hand, demonstrated what the slide of a 1911 will do to your thumb.
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