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    So I was going through boxes of old things at my parents house, and I came across the duty belt I used when I was a police explorer. It does me no good now (too small for me), but that doesn't mean it won't be of use to someone else. I am willing to give it away to anyone that would like it.

    The Duty Belt is a 2 1/4" Leather, 32" Don Hume. It's "worn in" but has alot of miles left on it. Anyone who has ever owned a Don Hume duty belt knows that they are likely to outlast the wearer.

    If you are interested, PM me. I'll even cover the cost of shipping.
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    32 inches. Wow.
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      I have a duty belt I found at my parents house also, will post pictures soon. It is high gloss leather, has handcuff case, ASP case, Stinger light case, radio holder and key carrier.

      I will post specs and pictures most likely tom after I have a chance to get it all. Anyone interested send me a PM.


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        The duty belt is sold.