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  • Supplemental Income?

    I'm sure some of us probably do different things to supplement our main security incomes and thought we might swap ideas. We (well, my wife was the main one, really) tried that SMC thing for awhile but it didn't work very well because she kept tripping over everyone else in the area that was doing the same thing! Plus, some of the merchandise was just the same kind of junk you find at garage sales for 50 cents.

    Now she's helping native American artists in our area sell their crafts on the auction sites (I helped her with the small amount of technical knowledge she needed like how to take good digital photos, but anyone can learn to do this kind of thing). She gets a small but reasonable commission when they sell something. Since she really likes this kind of art, she gets a lot of enjoyment out of it, more than the money (although I admit, she has made a few bucks). She's thinking about helping a guy that plays the native American flutes get a CD recorded and sold. He's "electronified" the flutes in some way that I don't really understand, but it's knock-dead music I've never heard anywhere else, and I'm sure they'd sell. He's a typical broke musician, though, so she has to decide whether to front him the recording studio fees or not.

    Anyone else doing something reasonably lucrative (or maybe just interesting) that you'd like to share?
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    Well I occassionally (meaning once in a blue moon for a few hours) work with a few friends who own a lawn care service on my days off, but that has more to do with being a "busy body" versus needing the money. Between what the wife makes and my income, it's a blessing. Having some extra steak money as I call it is nice though. Though as of late working 40 - 50 hrs a week for the PSC on a (4) day work scheduele is more than enough physical exertion for me, and I'd never get rich off a few extra bits here or there.


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      well i sometimes do event security work outside of my main job.... so some times ill get an extra 30 hours of work in a month or so...
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        Once upon a time, I packaged and delivered flyers. Made the gas and car payment each month for about 11 hours work.

        Seems like a lot of retired people are doing that now out my way.
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          I used to do telemarketing for supplemental income, It took to much time from the family. Now I go to school and use student aid to help me out. I only go to class one day a week and the rest is "home Study" My supervisors allow me to do my home work at work in between rounds so long as it doesn't affect my job.


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            The wife has an online store where she sells her handmade items, primarily feminine things. She's branching out into homemade soaps and the like, making enough to cover her costs right now.

            I used to work five 8's a week, M-F, so I part-timed in an EP role on the weekends for a few months. $300 a day, but I got reamed on the taxes because I didn't save enough of what I'd made.

            Now I'm looking at working part-time in a court security role, or possibly at another company (dual licensing is legal as long as the state gets their tribute) on another .gov contract. We'll see.


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              I'm the Assistant Director for 3 hotels. Each are set up as individual companies with different boards of directors. (1 man is the majority owner for all 3 hotels). Besides doing the administrative work as Assistant Director I also work 5x8 hour shifts at the downtown hotel. For many years I used to work 1 overnight shift at one of the hotels out at the airport. (They are side-by-side). This way I got to see what was going on first hand at the other 2 hotels. It was not considered overtime because these hours were paid by the other company. However I stopped this when I found that I was making next to nothing by the time taxes were taken off my pays.
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