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When will we clue in about cybersecurity?

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  • When will we clue in about cybersecurity?

    Clop, the ransomware gang responsible for exploiting a critical security vulnerability in a popular corporate file transfer tool, has begun listing victims of the mass-hacks, including a number of U.S. banks and universities. The Russia-linked ransomware gang has been exploiting the security flaw in MOVEit Transfer, a tool used by corporations and enterprises to share large files over the internet, since late May. Progress Software, which develops the MOVEit software, patched the vulnerability — but not before hackers compromised a number of its customers. While the exact number of victims remains unknown, Clop on Wednesday listed the first batch of organizations it says it hacked by exploiting the MOVEit flaw.

    What angers me is how your bank, your doctor and everyone who has your information doesn't think safeguarding it is a big deal. It doesn't matter how careful you are; your information is only as secure as the weakest link.

    Physical security is important too. I've two instances where people had their work laptops stolen at our facility. One guy was freaking out, and I figured out why - he worked for XYZ Healthcare, and it had patient info on it. I told hm he needed to report the theft to his company's IT security department immediately.

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    CG I know this story is not related to your story, but thought you might want to see this Greatest Comedy team ever!


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      It is, in the sense that the internet is a powerful tool that can ruin someone's life with a few clicks of a keyboard. Now, with AI and deep fakes, trying to figure out what's real becomes that much more difficult. Fraud becomes far to easy.