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  • New Year's Wishes

    Here's hoping in 2023 the defund the police movement dies a well deserved death. Here's hoping first responders stay safe - too many bad people with guns shooting at everyone in a uniform.
    Here's hoping judges start putting killers in prison again. Here's hoping politicians start taking the drug epidemic seriously - from China's chemical suppliers, Central America's drug cartels, all the way down to the street dealers killing off Generation Z because we don't have the energy to put a stop to it.

    Here's to less war, more space exploration and a revival of the American Dream - for all who want to do an honest day's work... Stay safe, everyone.

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    Yo. Happy New Year!
    My views, opinions and statements are my own. They are not of my company, affiliates or coworkers.

    -Being bagger at Publix has more respect these days

    -It's just a job kid deal with it

    -The industry needs to do one of two things; stop fiddling with the thin line and go forward or go back to that way it was. A flashlight in one hand and your set of keys in the other