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    Condo Guard will be crying in his beer at the last of the games of the NFL 2022 season Seattle sucks

    Copie should STFU. Patriots suck too Greatest Comedy team ever!

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    Seattle has issues on and off the field. I'm glad Wilson is gone; he was really becoming a distraction. He went "Hollywood" when he married Ciara. Whether Carroll should continue being coach remains to be seen. Both teams are similar in that they have to get an offensive line that can get the job done - it will certainly be a "building year" for both.

    But I don't put a lot of stock in pre-season predictions. When I was younger I always used to buy those football prediction magazines that would be all over the 7-11 magazine rack (you know, before the internet). They were always notoriously wrong. I haven't seen any major improvements.

    I never pay attention to the rookie predictions - I've seen too many college stars not be able to "power up" to NFL play.