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  • All Star game

    7.507 million viewers
    A record-low number of viewers tuned into Tuesday night's MLB All-Star Game, according to data announced by FOX. The Midsummer Classic drew 7.507 million viewers, a 10 percent decline from

    Do the fuzzy math. 330,000,000 Americans, and just 2% of the Country watched
    I watched about 5 minutes of the game, and changed over to
    The Uniforms of the National League suck Team names in Gold glitter
    The all black uniforms for the American League were not much better
    Why can't the ball players wear their home, or road uniforms they normally wear ?
    All Star game is too much Pizzazz too Ritzy Greatest Comedy team ever!

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    I watched The Alamo on Roku


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      • Red Sox, and baseball in general have always depended upon the next generation to be fans
      • My grandfathers, my dad, me were Red Sox fans
      • Cincinnati Reds grand dads, dads took their families to Crosley Field
      • Pittsburgh Pirates and Forbes Field
      • Al Capone went to Comiskey Park in Chicago
      • Connie Mack Stadium in Chicago
      • Cleveland families at Municipal stadium Municipal Stadium The Graveyard with Lights on Lake Erie
      • 2022, my son, and a lot of his friends could give a flying fluck about baseball
      • If this is true, in another 10 years Red Sox, and baseball are screwed
      Red Sox viewership way down and the 27 to 54 demographic is in the dumpster. I'd wager this is true as well for Cincinnati Reds Pittsburgh Pirates Chicago White Sox Philadelphia Phillies

      Cincinnati Reds Greatest Comedy team ever!


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        Sports has taken a nod from the comic book industry. Instead of variant covers, its variant uniforms. I don't mind when they do the throwback uniforms; the Mariners and a team I forget did a "futuristic" game years ago with silver trimmed jerseys; it was silly but fun. Unfortunately the gimmick is worn out.

        To Copie's point, I think the game is still too slow for the video game generation. If you want to hook the kids on your sport, you have instill loyalty. I enjoyed taking my young sons to minor league games because they always had stuff to do for the young ones, and the players would actually stay after and sign autographs.

        You don't have a lot of players anymore that play for one team for any length of time. That shows that for players and owners, it's just business. Looking at ticket prices and the cost of food, parking, etc., a lot of parents just can't afford to go to major league baseball games, especially now.

        I think "America's pastime" will always be around, but if they want to stay competitive, they need to understand what fans want in the 21st Century.