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Defunding the police leads to crime - who knew?

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  • Defunding the police leads to crime - who knew?

    Pretty good article about the issue - I recommend if you live in a Democrat run city or town to read the whole thing. What stood out to me came towards the end - the line about standards of behavior changing. Most people are honest, but consequences help keep those that get tempted to stay on the straight and narrow. That's not a bad thing, especially when the education system has taught Generation Z they are all special snowflakes, and stealing is just wealth redistribution.

    The grocery store near my site has guards who are strictly O&R. I constantly see people openly shoplifting - they walk in, get want they want (in a basket or cart, no less), and walk out. No consequences. (This includes teens taking alcohol, which is a recipe for bad things later.) Seattle Police have stopped citing people for open containers, smoking marijuana in public (and underage pot use - you have to be 21 in our state). No bathroom around? No problem - just do it on the sidewalk. I have to explain to people that on private property, you have to follow the rules - they look bewildered when told.

    I loved the guy who parked in a handicap stall with no placard, and then proceeded to tell me it didn't matter (as in, there were no parking enforcement officers around). He got really bent out of shape when I told him who our towing company was and that, yes, we did impound cars.
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