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Afghanistan and Saigon

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  • Afghanistan and Saigon

    An absolute debacle, if ever there was one. Biden has united the country finally - everyone agrees, this is a disaster. I watched the footage of Saigon 1975 run side by side with Chinooks leaving Kabul, and I thought it was FOX News - nope, it was CNN, the station that up until now was telling us how competent and great Biden and Harris were.

    So, ISIS and Al Qaeda are back in Afghanistan and no doubt it will be back to being a terrorist training camp in six months or less. Granted, we did do some good - we degraded radical Islamic terrorist capability for 20 years, we reduced infant mortality and raised literacy in a country that prior to our occupation was living in the 19th Century. But this is a setback, and heads should roll.

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    12 + of America's finest are dead. DISGUSTING Greatest Comedy team ever!


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      My distain will be voiced in the voting booth.
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        Glad I got Homeland Security training back in 2002 - looks like I'll be using it again, Don't be fooled by any politician that speaks of "Over the Border" capability. We have drones and Tomahawks and stealth bombers, but without real time, in country intelligence, you're mostly being reactive instead of proactive. A satellite can tell you certain things, but it can't tell you about subtle events. Human intelligence will be much harder when ISIS-K and the Taliban quietly kill anyone suspected of being a traitor.

        The other problem is our enemies learn. Saddam Hussein was much better prepared for the Iraq War than he was for the Persian Gulf War. (We still "won," but look at all the chaos that occurred.) I'm sure the Taliban are well aware of our capabilities after 20 years of studying us, and will avoid making the same mistakes. Add to that all the equipment we left behind, and you don't have to dream up a Tom Clancy novel to realize the truth: it ain't over, and we're in a less secure position.