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Thoughts on the protests and the aftermath

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  • Thoughts on the protests and the aftermath

    What occurs in the coming months will have consequences for years to come. What was a single issue (the death of George Floyd and policing in the U.S.) has now spiraled into a tangled cultural argument about racism, the Civil War and what the limits of protesting should be. "Never let a good crisis go to waste" - and the Republican and Democrat politicians are making sure it doesn't, posturing on cable and local news, and generally making snap decisions.

    Hopefully cooler heads prevail. Yes, we need more mental health workers and social programs that ACTUALLY get people out of poverty and reduce systemic racism - not just more social worker consultant paper pushers, or government hand outs with no metrics. Defunding or eliminating police is not the way you get there. (New taxes on businesses already strained by COVID-19 is not the way either.)

    It is probably time to honestly look at the aftermath of the Civil War and Reconstruction - but that doesn't mean destroying public and private property because things aren't getting resolved in the time span of a video game, or because you need to "virtue posture" on Instagram so you can get with the hot hippie chick you met at the rally.

    Politicians on both sides are framing everything in the typical "either / or" argument, and moderates on both sides are letting the extremists run amok because they don't want to alienate anyone on their side this close to the election. We can change what needs to be changed and keep what should be kept after reasonable debate, and NOT because a bunch of people carrying torches and pitch forks demand it.

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    Could have not said this any better. Perfecto Two thumbs up Greatest Comedy team ever!