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Supply shortages during the COVID-19 outbreak

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  • Supply shortages during the COVID-19 outbreak

    Lots of it is weird, but predictable somewhat. For example, I suspect the toilet paper shortage has more to do with reselling and price gouging on sites like ebay, rather than a supply line issue with China. After our state's governor declared the "Stay At Home" order, suddenly there was a run on meat. (Seriously, even if you were home for more than two weeks, how much room does anyone have in their freezer?)

    This week there is no liquid hand soap. (Everybody wasn't washing their hands before this?) And anything related to colds and flu (cough medicine, etc.) seems to be in short supply. I'm not planning on becoming a doomsday prepper, but I guess the lesson is always have enough of whatever you need on hand, in case you wake up one morning and the whole country is in a panic...

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    Update: this week, predictably, it is rice and flour. (This I get - basic food staples for cooking.) My local Walmart looks like they are running on half staff with lots of empty shelves. The store down the street has full shelves but only two cashiers at any given time, so bring a good book while you wait in line. At least gas prices are still down for now...


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      I think the result of the toilet paper short is everyone defecating themselves as soon as someone sneezes or coughs in a shop.
      The panic buying has resulted in a lot of people sitting with expired product & groceries in their homes & pushed prices to high heaven.
      Usually before winter I start taking something like viral choice to boost my immune system to fight against any colds.
      This year I have bought a bit more honey than usual & I have a lemon tree so If I get any signs of a cold or flu, I drink a cup of honey & lemon tea which usually sorts the problem out before it can get a hold of me.
      I see a lot of people have gone mad on buying masks.

      If I was a doctor, nurse or looking after someone who has covid19 then I would use a mask but working in the security industry, wearing a mask is putting you at a higher risk due to cross contamination.

      Before putting a mask on you have to wash your hands properly to make sure you don’t have the virus on your hands & can’t touch the mask again. If you do touch anything that could have the cronovirus on it & touch your mack you could be transferring the cronovirus onto your mask.

      Here is a clip of a nurse explaining cross contamination of gloves thought was logical.

      If I do have to go into a crowded area I use a respirator, something similar to this one which I usually use in my workshop at home when I am either sanding or spray painting.

      If I do have to shift it while it is on my face I just make sure I don’t touch the filters. When I take it off I wish it with hot water & soap.

      Filters are in short supply so I spray mine with rubbing alcohol which is 91% alcohol.

      How do you guys deal with this mass panic & heard mentality?


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        At work I try to be reassuring - after all, the shopping center is still open, and we want people to come back. Luckily my friends and family are pretty reasonable, so I don't have to spend a lot of time debunking weird theories when I talk to them. My biggest problem is hunting and gathering - going from store to store to find stuff chews in to time I already don't have. And everything closing early now is tough on shift workers like us.

        I am more patient with the homeless and the mentally ill, even the angry ones, because I realize this is stressing them out too. I watch the news for a few minutes each day to get a sliver useful information, but then turn off Hannity, Lemon, etc. - just endless partisan whining and sheer speculation, none of which is useful.