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    A word of note of the coming Presidential election 2020
    What you see out on the political landscape of late July 2019 won't even remotely come close to what shall be in 15 month going forward

    In summer 2015 FOX's Anne Coulter was on Sunday morning CNN talk show
    Anne Coulter was asked by CNN, who is the next President?
    Anne Coulter said Trump The CNN talking heads laughed at Anne Coulter,
    mocked her, and simplistic terms told her she was nuts

    I half believe there is some candidate waiting off stage to enter
    Not with the Republicans as 90% plus are behind Trump, but
    the Democrats. Maybe a 3rd party enters

    Fasten your seat belts, it's gonna be a bumpy ride in 2020

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    Good points, Cope. I kinda just tune it all out until the conventions - they all declare each other to be the worst politicians ever while they run against each other, then pivot when one is chosen and say, "Oh, he (she) is the best person ever!"

    Pay attention to your local races - those directly affect you. There's always some crisis that needs fixing, and some politician that has the answer by doing X, Y or Z, all of which mean raising your taxes. Listen carefully and act accordingly.

    And just turn off the pundits. If you listen to Sean Hannity, Trump is the fourth member of the Holy Trinity. If you listen to Don Lemon, he's somewhere between Satan and Hitler. Alas, the truth is more subtle and complicated, but that doesn't play well for two minute sound bites.

    A small portion of this country on both extremes wants to turn the U.S. into their version of reality. Its up to reasonable, responsible citizens from both parties to restore some sanity to the situation. So...Vote!


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      Yes agree about local races. Two of the Democrat Squad, bounced off their political seats incumbents
      who had been in office for a Zillion years. And one of those Squad, the former bar tender, is already
      facing a challenge by a Jamaican woman

      What will get probably Trump reelected? Okay maybe. The economy, As long as unemployment
      is kept at low levels, and the stock market is okay, people always vote with their wallets first
      And as long as there are no major Military escalations around the world. Trump wins a 2nd term

      Only "3" Presidents have ever lost a 2nd term. Hoover, Carter, G.H, Bush. Their 1st terms
      were economic disasters.

      I probably will vote Trump again. If the Democrats were smart, they would place at the top of their ticket

      Moderate, Asian, woman, and Military Veteran
      Yes I could live with
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        After seeing what happened when Trump was inaugurated and the riots in DC and the fruit cake from the Sanders campaign who is talking about cities burning. I suspect something is going to go down.
        Confronted with the choice, the American people would choose the policeman's truncheon over the anarchist's bomb.
        Spiro Agnew

        Why yes I am a glorified babysitter , I am here to politely ask you to follow the rules , if not daddy comes to spank you and put you in time out its your choice - Me

        Luck is a red hair woman , if you ever dated one you know there remarkably dangerous , my personal preference is to be competent and let luck join the ride if she so chooses .- Clint Smith


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          Hard to tell; so much of it is just rhetoric and click bait. Whoever wins, I hope it is by a large enough majority that the other side can't claim cheating.

          Bernie is a non starter - that fact that Hilary has jumped in to scold him shows the Democrats hate him and will rig their selection process (again) so he doesn't stand a chance. The impeachment trial is an expensive distraction - if they didn't have enough votes when the House presented the articles, they aren't going to get them by repeating the same things over and over and over.

          Mike Bloomberg apparently might win because the only way to get his endless ads off of every network would be to elect him, I guess.


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            I realize my last answer was a bit glib. Yes, there is a dangerous undercurrent in this country (on both sides) by people who feel like they no longer have a say in things. Any political organizer that openly speaks of rioting or assaulting police needs to be fired and investigated. (Or, in the case of hipster Bernie Bro, stop drinking, get a shave and grow up.)

            We live in a bad time - when you have almost a third of the population thinking we are going to have a civil war again, you're headed in the wrong direction. Some of this is pretty deep, so I have no hope it will get fixed soon - every white nationalist or antifa anarchist hides behind "free speech" whenever they spew their plans for law breaking, despite the fact that the Supreme Court has said you don't get to shout "fire!" in a crowded theater to cause a panic and then claim your 1st Amendment rights when caught.

            The Left is worried everything they've gained will be lost if the Republicans maintain control. The Right looks at the rampant social degradation occurring and fears further problems if The Dems win. The problem is both sides are just pushing their own agendas - they aren't looking at what's good for ALL of society, just what's good for their side, their lobbyists, their base.

            At a time when we need a Lincoln or a JFK, all we get is the current crop of mediocre, middle management suck-ups. God help us all on November 4th. (I'm no doomsday prepper, but I am starting to think that having "Bible, bullets and beans" isn't a bad motto - if only for natural disasters or plagues from China.)