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  • Boston's finest

    Boston Police added 115 new police to the streets
    My wife, and I are quite proud
    This coming Thursday our son joins the Fire Department

    Boston's Finest? Damn Right Greatest Comedy team ever!

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    Congrats to your son, may he stay safe.


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      One of the bright spots in you and you wife's lives.
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        Our son described one scenario Basement fires. Lots of home in the Northeast heat with oil, It is rare, very rare, but there are furnace oil burner fires. Picture going down in a basement in the dark, as probably do to a power outage. Cellar stairs could be on fire

        You are walking into a basement and you do not know what’s in the basement

        You could trip and fall

        Here in Massachusetts in winter it can be bad, very bad fighting fires

        Hydrants freeze. You are in near zero degree weather, and water freezes hard

 Greatest Comedy team ever!


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          Originally posted by Curtis Baillie View Post
          One of the bright spots in you and you wife's lives.
          Thanks Curtis. My wife and I must have done something right
          Good daughters, good son

          After 37 years my wife, and I are still rocking
          Okay the wife has to work with a Senile Old Man, me
 Greatest Comedy team ever!