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    That's about it for Hollywood. Hollywood had been on a death watch for years, and the
    passing of Doris Day, closed the coffin

    I waited around the Chevrolet dealership this morning for an oil change on my Chevy
    Killed time reading People's Magazine
    • Garbage
    • , Sewer,
    • Septic Tank.
    • Pathetic
    • No talent
    • Actor, and Actresses 2019 who are in love with themselves
    Consider ourselves fortunate we who grew up watching the talents of Doris Day
    It's all over

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    Another legend lost. She is probably best known as an actress, but was also a singer. She played independent working women at a time when the stay at home mom was still the the ideal. She portrayed the Good Girl, even though she was married four times. She could do drama and comedy, although her comedy was the best - In "Pillow Talk" (with Rock Hudson) the double meaning jokes fly fast and furious, and you can tell she enjoyed all the dialog.

    Her third husband (Martin Melcher) was the worst - controlled her career and got her into massive debt, which may be why she left Hollywood by the end of the 60s. She was also an animal rights activist long before that was a thing - she demanded animals on the set be treated right, and was involved in animal rescue organizations (including her own) for decades.

    And while Day was a human like the rest of us, she wasn't in the tabloids or on TV sleaze shows for all the stuff the modern stars do. R.I.P.


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      And....later today Tim Conway. So sad.
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        After all that time, no one to this day knows anything about her political views".

        You can't say that about a lot of today's celebrities. Who care! Just read the script, memorize your lines, act the part, get the pay check and keep your mouth shut.

        Yes the loss of Tim Conway too

        And away back then, Actors, and Actresses were more caring about their audiences
        Today's 2019 Hollywood would spit on you

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          The younger crowd remember Conway as the voice of Barnacle Boy on Spongebob Squarepants. The meta joke in that one is both he and Ernest Borgnine (Mermaid Man) starred in another nautical TV show in the 60s - "McHale's Navy."

          And Conway deliberately trying to get Carol Burnett to laugh during skits on her show was as funny as the skits themselves.