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  • Soper
    This! Well done!

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  • copelandamuffy
    I am retired.
    • Mortgage long ago paid away
    • My wife and I collecting Social Security
    • Pensions
    • No car payments
    • Credit card paid off in full every month

    BUT I will work, as long as my feeble, worn out body and senile minds allows


    It keeps me mentally fit, and physically fit
    I even work the dreaded 3rd shift. And not part time, “40” hours per week

    I work in a trucking warehouse. Busy, busy, busy from 0100 to 0900 when I go home
    Work among young people. ((NOT OLD ) Real important I do not want to be among old farts my age, who keep going back down Memory Lane 50 years ago
    And yes I work with young women, young men, Black, White, Asian
    Chatting and talking to some who are younger than my daughter is good for the brain

    I write a DAR every day, and an occasional Incident Report, using my brain muscles
    I patrol about an hour a day…keeping my body fit

    And you can bet the farm, Allied Universal, Securitas, G4S love older workers
    Can you spell?
    • ON TIME,

    Ask your Ops, Manager over at your local branch office of contract security their view on Older workers. Bet you get a smile
    Retirement t? Not for me

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  • Condo Guard
    Ah, a good topic, even for the young guards - start that Roth IRA now. I plan to retire when it makes sense financially and I can collect Social Security. (The later you collect, the more money you get, so not retiring any time soon.) I am on my way - my house is paid for, although I will probably sell it and move some place cheaper.

    Health is a major factor - as long as I am reasonably healthy, I plan to keep working, at least part time. I have older friends, and the ones that start becoming couch potatoes, either due to mobility issues or other things tend to decline rapidly. So if I don't work, I plan to have an active hobby.

    And a lot of it is mental and living right - it cracks me up when suspects refer to me as the "old guy" - they're just mad a guy twice their age can run faster than them and know where they're going to go.

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  • rpmacmurphy
    started a topic Retirement


    Been a while since I've made a thread. For years I have valued the input of my fellow security professionals on the board, and wanted to see how my colleagues on here are approaching the idea of retirement.

    Personally, I've been in the security game since 1994. I still love this business and I always will, but inevitably I will have to hang up my boots one day. I have been lucky enough to have good paying jobs in this field and have a nice retirement fund for when that day comes. I guess I just don't know if that day will ever come.

    So for you, my fellow security professionals, what are your plans for retirement? Do you have a set age, timeframe, or plan?
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