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Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones

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  • Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones

    90% of the rock groups of the 1960's I care not for

    BUT I liked the Rolling Stones

    I have most of their albums

    But God poor Mick is 75 years old “8” kids, at least that many

    I wonder how many other kids Mick fathered with teen age bimbos sleeping with him Greatest Comedy team ever!

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    Copie is a Stones fan? You learn something new every day...

    I'm on the fence about old rock stars. I generally don't go see them, just because a a 65 year old singer / performer isn't the same as he / she was at 25 (or 35). There are always exceptions. I've missed a few concerts because I thought they'd be lame, only to have my friends say the shows were great.

    As far as kids go, if they ever invent male birth control, it should be mandatory for bands and sports stars.


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      Mick Jagger is no dummy He excelled in Economics. Smart enough to keep his eye on his $$$ cash
      He is even Knighted by the British
      Mick may have been a bad boy, but was wise enough to stay away from real bad drugs
      My favorite bands were the Girl Groups of the 1960's

      The Chantels

      The Shirelles

      The Cookies

      Ronnie and the Ronettes

      As a teenage entering puberrtyI I thought these girls were HOT
      And no I do not own one Beatle, Beach boy album
      Yes I was some white kid from the suburbs of Boston madly in love with these Girl Groups
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        Yes CG this is the music I grew up with
        Compare Ronnie and the Ronnettes to the slop and garbage kids listen today Greatest Comedy team ever!