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Hollywood college recruitment scandal

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  • Hollywood college recruitment scandal

    On the plus side, I'm glad everyone now knows that rich kids can have their parents buy them a slot to the university of their choice, if some people didn't know that already. (On a side note, I'm very proud of the fact that I knew who none of these actresses and their brats were, and had to look them up. )

    Usually you just make a large donation or buy a new wing for the school, and your kid gets in. But I gotta say, photo-shopping your kid's head onto a stock photo of another college athlete to create a fake sports profile is both creative and pathetic.

    It also puts the SAT and ACT tests in question. They made this huge deal when one of my kids took it that he had to be there on time, have valid photo ID, not leave the testing area, etc. Who knew how easy it was to either send a ringer, or just have someone else take it at another location? Sounds like the SAT security division needs a review.

    The only one going to jail will be the guy that ran the whole thing (he's already put in a guilty plea), but I bet some of these people will have to put off buying that third vacation home...

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    Yes CG:

    Hollywood Elitist, The Beautiful People, who lecture us deplorable people that their Moral compass is a thousand light years better than us F*** them Greatest Comedy team ever!