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  • More Sears closings Greatest Comedy team ever!

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    In my opinion the whole Craftsman tools debacle drove away a lot of their customer base. Moving the production outside of the U.S., selling it to Black & Decker, promising to move it back, etc.

    Still sad to see what used to be an iconic name fade away, not to mention all the workers that have to get new jobs...


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      1...2...3...down for the count. They're done. This should also be a lesson for Americans in general, with our national debt now at _____ trillion dollars. The chickens all come home to roost eventually. There are stores that are holding their own against Amazon, Home Depot, etc., but the trick is they find a niche, provide that thing called "customer service," and don't try to do stuff that isn't related to the core business.


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        Sears Auto wouldn't stop ripping off "dumb broads" (of both sexes LOL).

        I know a couple "big spenders" (upper middle class family guys) who would buy EVERYTHING at Sears out of habit, until their wives got ripped off by Sears Auto.

        From about 1980 to 1990 I must have heard 1/2 dozen major cases of Sears Auto being busted for rip-offs, and that was prior to WWW.

        Funny thing is Sears tires and batts, jacks, etc had great reps for solid quality.

        they also had POS system that was....a POS! Kmart too. Sears merged with Kmart. lol.

        I TRIED....HARD....two times to buy a groovy mini-fridge from sears. It was with FROST FREE freezer top. No one else had anything like it. They JUST COULDN"T DO IT.

        Kmart in Manteca had same prices but better QUALITY than Walmart, but again POS system was iffty-50, AND they wouldn't let a manager override anything AFAIK.

        #1 rule of retail: If customer wants to buy you need to be ABLE to sell.
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          less and less businesses out there. Even alot of small businesses that arent well known going under or simply closing. Pretty soon youll have one giant store..once Walmart and Amazon merge anyway