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  • Super Bowl

    Want to see the Super Bowl?
    Plan to drop $65,000

    You going Phantom?

    I will probably work that night
    I am not a football fan
    HOCKEY IS # 1 for me

    BTW Phantom: Who works security at Minneapolis for Vikings games?
    I don't mean private security
    Minneapolis police?
    Home of the Patriots Massachusetts State Police have coverage, including horse mounted patrol
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    I am going, as security. Got a job working for the stadium, so yeah I'll be there game day.


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      Originally posted by PhantomX0990 View Post
      I am going, as security. Got a job working for the stadium, so yeah I'll be there game day.
      Best to you. Be safe. I am guessing you have to be on the job "4" hours before game time
      I have a friend who works private security for Patriot' games. He has to be at work "3" hours before game time

      At Boston Bruins hockey games, they look for guards who have no interest in hockey
      They don't want someone like me, who would step onto the ice to dispute a call by one of the linesmen
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        The Super Bowl no doubt is bringing in $$$ to Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the suburbs

        Lots of $$$

        • Hotels
        • Motels
        • Restaurants
        • Bars
        • Taxis
        • Uber

        • U.S. Banks Stadium workers
        • Stores that sell Sporting and clothing
        • Police officers in Minneapolis,
          St. Paul,
        • And yes private security

        United Airlines has added extra flights from Boston to Minneapolis, St. Paul

        Be SAFE Phantom Greatest Comedy team ever!


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          Confronted with the choice, the American people would choose the policeman's truncheon over the anarchist's bomb.
          Spiro Agnew

          Why yes I am a glorified babysitter , I am here to politely ask you to follow the rules , if not daddy comes to spank you and put you in time out its your choice - Me

          Luck is a red hair woman , if you ever dated one you know there remarkably dangerous , my personal preference is to be competent and let luck join the ride if she so chooses .- Clint Smith




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