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What happened to Mall Director?

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  • What happened to Mall Director?

    Does anyone have any info on Mall Directors whereabouts? I hope there's not a health issue and everythings ok?


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    I was wondering about that as well. What have you tried so far? (to make contact)
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      I have tried to make contact...Sent e-messages but got no response


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        I don't have any other way of making contact with him. However, I know that some other members interacted with him outside of this forum. Perhaps they can help.
        Security: Freedom from fear; danger; safe; a feeling of well-being. (Webster's)


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          hmmm not fearing the worst. i hate to throw this out there.. it may be possible that he was one of the victims of denvers blizzard a few weeks ago. and or he lost his internet connection some how :P i hope for that later and hope he will return soon, i loved reading his o.c. review, and he was always insightful with his postings......

          if anyone knows his real name, search it in the denver news papers, and if he is not there, then it will be the later, if he is i shall mourn his loss, as that blizzard that hit denver killed something like 14 people who got trapped and froze to death
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            Haven't seen him post in awhile really did love the insight he brought to the forum...and yes I am a terrible speller probably misspelled something back there...but I hope nothing terrible has happened to him given how our line of work can present its share of dangerous scenarios.


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              Mall Director is an independent contractor of NAPSOA Incorporated, I have his information, and make an inquiry. Normally we don't do this, after all, privacy and all, but there is "a possibility that his contractor status is affected by his disappearance," which makes it the company's business to find out if he's still able to work with us.

              That it happens to learn if he's OK and that is only a side benefit to this perfectly lawful inquiry between company and independent contractor.

              (You all know I am concerned, but legalese is legalese.)
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                I hope all is well with Mall Director...I got a message that he was going to call me, but he never did? I sent numerous postings to his site but never heard from him. He was helping me out with a career inquiry and I hope nothing serious has happened to him. If you make contact, tell him to call George ASAP..