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  • Ice Storms

    While Boston escaped another snow storm, it did not escape the
    ice and frozen slush left behind. Driving is real-real bad.
    30 MPH on Interstate 495.

    And walking on Patrols
    I must have fallen a half dozen times landing on my a**.

    Ah, there is however a light at the end of the tunnel.
    The Boston Red Sox pitchers and catchers have reported
    for spring training, and Spring is only a little over a month away. Greatest Comedy team ever!

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    Montreal is being hit with the storm that missing Boston. It's the first snow storm of the year. We expect about 20 centimeters when it's over. Places sout of Montreal in New England are expecting more than 40 centimeters. Montreal has been really lucky this winter. (I hope it stays this way - you wouldn't believe how much it costs a large city to clean up after each major xnowfall - less snow = less expense which should = less tax hikes )
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