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  • ctbgpo
    2 kids (boys)
    2 cats (1 male, 1 female)
    1 dog (female German Shepherd)
    1 wife (the alpha of all the pets)

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  • copelandamuffy
    My wife and I travel to Northern Vermont a lot. We take all pets,
    but the Horse. I tried once putting the horse in a Nissan Sentra, but he would not fit in the back seat.
    Our friends care for him when we go away.
    The land lady is okay with cats and bunnies, but no dogs
    And cats just use their litter box at 3 o'clock in the morning
    and don't want to be bothered to go for a walk at that time.
    Most of the time the cats eat and sleep, much like their owner
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  • Chucky
    Seems like most SO/s have kitty cats. I have one named Smitty the back up kitty. That's cause the first cat didn't work out so I got Smitty as a back up.
    With our screwed up hours cats seem like a good fit whereas a dog requires walking and the like. I really wanted a cow but the landlord said nooooo!

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  • HotelSecurity
    5 house cats & a Belgian Shephard dog in a 6 room condo. (Don't rat me out, the city only allows 2 pets). Working evenings the dog is my home security device. My wife attends lots of meetings in the evenings & the area I live in is not the best neighbourhood.

    I do not have 1 foot of carpet in the house but other wise we all get along.

    I can not stand cruelty to animals. All of the cats were ones that were going to be put down. And all but one have been "fixed". She will be taken care of soon.
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  • copelandamuffy
    started a topic Pets


    Anyone have pets?
    We have 3 cats, one horse, and one bunny rabbit
    Cats and bunny rabbit were left at our door step
    abandoned. I guess I have a soft heart, because
    I could not leave them out in the cold.
    Horse was almost the same case, and now he
    lives with us.
    Bunny rabbit and cats are indoor animals
    I live next to railroad tracks, a divided four lane highway,
    and have too many wild animals in the woods out back.
    Horse live in a heated stall.