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  • Curtis Baillie
    Philadelphia PD is now using Hemi Chargers.

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  • Charger
    LOL!! Don't get me started on Fords... (Although I share your sentiment )

    The reason most PDs use them, is the vast majority of their emergency driving courses are centered on RWD sedans... That's what PDs have been using since waaaay back in the day... So they stick with what they know works.. In the 90's, it was a war between Ford & Chevy... Crown Vics & Caprices... But Chevy dropped out when they stopped making the Caprice after '96.. Dodge hadn't made a RWD sedan for a while, so they had been out since the late '80s... Which left only Ford making a vehicle that fit their needs.. Hence, they've ruled the PD market since then... Until this year, with Dodge bringing out the new PD-issue Charger...

    Sure, Chevy released their PD-issue Impalas starting in 2000, and Dodge TRIED marketing a PD-issue Intrepid for a while... But they're FWD, so not many departments picked them up... (Although you still see a lot more of the Impalas than you do Intrepids)

    Personally, I'm a Dodge man... So I was ecstatic to hear about the new Charger.. (And I'm trying to make arrangements to go on a ride-along in one here soon... lol)

    On a side note, Ford just released a concept at the recent auto shows, called the "Interceptor." It's another RWD sedan, that (IF it sees production) would probably be a replacement for the CV... They're saying they want it to compete with Chrysler's 300 and the Charger.... Problem is, the thing is DOG ugly... Don't believe me? Just do a google search for "Ford Interceptor Concept" and look for recent articles/pics.

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  • copelandamuffy
    started a topic Ford Automoblies

    Ford Automoblies

    God I hate Fords.
    Found on the Road Dead
    Fixed over Rebate Dodge
    Fix or Repair Daily
    Backwards Ford stands for Driver Returns On Foot

    Ford Mustangs...Junk
    Ford Escorts......Junk
    Ford F-150........Junk
    Ford Crown Vics...Junk..Why on Earth a Majority of our Police Departments
    use these sorry excuses for cars?

    I feel better getting this off my chest

    Oh by the way, our patrol car on our site is a Ford Escort.
    I'd say what I think of this car, but Ladies and young children
    maybe reading this.

    The dang car spend more time at the locar Ford Dealership than
    on patrols.

    I have been promised a Chevrolet Cavileer, or KIA as a replacement
    Anything is better that a car built by Henry Ford.