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A special home for us Security Guards

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  • A special home for us Security Guards

    Anyone considering a "special home" for us Guards who
    in simple words are losing our minds.

    Case in point. Yesterday I could not locate the keys
    to the Securtas Ford Escort Security Vehicle. I am
    panicking where they are. I am looking under car
    seats, between the seats, etc. The whole time they
    are sitting safely in the car ignition

    Saturday I am running around the house looking
    for my Security Jacket. My daughter told me to
    check my body, I had it on the whole time.
    I told her not to laugh, insanity is heredity

    Boys and Girls, I ain't making this up

    I am thinking of having a charity collection,
    for us Security Guards who are going senile.
    A nice home where pretty nurses take care of us
    I'd welcome your thoughts and ideas Greatest Comedy team ever!

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    Two words - empathy -

    All kidding aside, it may be time for a holiday, or brain teaser games. Wear your watch on the other side once in a while....
    Quote me as saying I was mis-quoted.
    Groucho Marx


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      To me, this just sounds symptomatic of a busy person who probably has a lot of things on their mind.
      "Every betrayal begins with trust." - Brian Jacques

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        It happens to all of us. One thing I do is put a string around my finger or put up sticky notes to remind me of things. Now the only problems I have is not being able to type well because my fingers are in knots from all of the strings and finding the keyboard and monitor under all of these dang sticky notes.

        As for the retirement home. It's a good idea. I was thinking maybe in Costa Rica. The climate is great and the people are laid back. We can call it Costa la Gaurdia. We'll just kick back with umbrella drinks and enjoy our sunset of life.


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          Remember! Never dirnk anything that doesn't have an umbrella in it.
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            Originally posted by copelandamuffy
            A nice home where pretty nurses take care of us
            I dream of that almost every night...
            ...and then I hear the unmistakable sound of the latex glove snap and wake up screaming
            Best regards, Steve Surfaro
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              Originally posted by Security Consultant
              Remember! Never dirnk anything that doesn't have an umbrella in it.
              You wouldn't want your drink to get watered down in the rain.


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                Hey Rooney:
                Let's not forget pretty nurses who take care of us, and bring us nice drinks
                every few hours. Costa Rica?, yeah sounds nice.
       Greatest Comedy team ever!