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  • SgtUSMC8541
    USMCR 1992 - 2001
    USMC 2002 - 2003 (OEF and OIF)
    USMCR 2003 - 2005

    school trained Scout Sniper

    Been around, did some time in Al Naz. Got a tan, a t-**** and a few tatoos.

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  • Chucky
    1965 to 1968
    Ft Dix NJ
    Ft Hood Tx
    Abadeen Proving Groung Md
    1st Cav Ane Khe Nam 1 day sent tdy to
    Dong Ba Thien Nam
    1st ID Fort Riley Ks
    Phorzheim Germany

    In those days there was a saying Join the navy and see the world. So I joined the Army for stability DOH!!
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  • HotelSecurity
    Originally posted by HotelSecurity
    I tired to join the Armed Forces once. They did not need people at the time. I was rejected because I had an ingrown toe nail!!!
    I did volunteer with Civil Protection. (we backed up the fire department & trained in rescue from bombed or collasped buildings in case of a war).

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  • Curtis Baillie
    USMC 67-70
    Golf 2/9 67-68

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  • Mall Director
    US Army (active duty/ full time)
    13S- Artillery Recon (DoD reassign), reclass 31B- Military Police
    1999-2004 (signed 3 year contract, stop lossed for remainder)

    Ft. Jackson, SC
    Ft. Drum, NY
    Ft. Sill, Ok
    Ft. Benning, GA
    Ft. Irwin, CA
    Ft. Riley, KS
    Graffenvhor, GER
    Camp Pennesylvania, Kuwait
    Basrah, Iraq
    Baghdad, Iraq
    Tikrit, Iraq

    Served 3 Combat Tours from Operation Desert Spring, Iraqi Invasion, Iraqi Freedom.

    Honorably Discharged, and had all the adventure at the beaches that are missing water! LOL

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  • AlliedEMTguard
    US Naval Reserves
    2004-Current (I joined the DEP at 17, had both parents sign off)
    Currently a Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class (best rate in the Navy thank you very much)

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  • rollingrock123

    USAF GSE Technician
    Myrtle Beach AFB A-10 Warthogs
    Kadena AB E-3A AWACS
    McGuire AFB C-141

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  • warrior_oh58d

    2001-present US. Army reserve (active duty from 01-04)
    Military Police, Civil Affairs (not public affairs!!!!!!!) It's a Special Operations MOS thank you very much...

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  • ff000525
    USAF Firefighter 1999-2005

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  • Bill Warnock
    Special Investigator, I almost forgot your original question.
    USAF 2 Apr 56 to 9 Mar 66 + 5 yrs Air National Guard + 2 yrs Air Force Reserve.
    Communications, Training and Air/Security Police.
    Enjoy the day,

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  • ACP01
    [QUOTE=blackfoot1964]US Navy 1982 to 1988.
    USS Francis Hammond FF-1067 QUOTE]
    Another Knox class sailor eh?
    I was on the USS Elmer Montgomery DE-1082 later designated FF-1082.
    Fire Control Tech Missles, Missle Officer (designate), Gunnery Liason Officer(designate), Weps Div Officer (Designate). Not bad for a mere E-5 you think?

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  • Special Investigator
    Originally posted by Bill Warnock
    Special Investigator:
    The spelling of these two names will be atrocious but here goes. Tok kle and oo-ta-pou Thailand. Tankers in one and fighters at the other. Went there from Andersen in a C-97 with the windows covered over to drop off "bags" of stuff. Normally you got of an aircraft while refueling, we didn't. We found out "where we went" about three months later.
    I found out more about those places from the History Channel this and last year than in 1965.

    Offically, we were not there. There were several other bases but because according to "Official Policy", they did not exist. Chances are there were personal & equipment at the bases you mentioned because 'officialy', they were not there.

    The U-Tapao Royal Thailand Navy Airfield was a forward operating base for B-52 Stratofortresses and KC-135 Stratotankers of the Strategic Air Command.

    The Takhli Royal Thai Air Force Base was the home of the F-4 Phantom fighters of the 49th TFW. Takhli RTAFB is also the home of the 4th Tactical Fighter Wing and the 43rd Tactical Fighter Squadron of the Royal Thai Air, Force, flying F-86 Sabrejet's.
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  • blackfoot1964
    US Navy 1982 to 1988.
    Surface Sonar Technician USS Francis Hammond FF-1067 forward deployed in Japan and USS Vreeland FF-1068 out of Mayport, FL. ASROC Handling Team member, Special Weapons Team member, Torpedo Handling Team member, Ships Special Weapons and Tactics member, Surface Warfare qualified, Division Petty Officer.

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  • flashlightcop509
    Active Army Cav Scout '82-'83
    CT AR Cav Scout '85-'86
    MDARNG Infantryman '90-'92
    VTARNG M1 Tank Crewman '98-Present

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  • copelandamuffy

    United State Naval Reserve 1968-1974
    Basic Training Great Lakes { our as we called it Great Mistakes} during
    the coldest winter in 1968.
    Stationed aboard USS Cadmus at Newport, Rhode Island
    Postal Clerk 3rd Class E-4
    Also duty at San Juan, and Newport Naval Stations

    Best duty was San Juan. Cold beer, and wild sexy beautifull women.
    Sandy warm beaches.

    And as mentioned above, Great Lakes outside of Chicago
    was brutal. I am used to snow being from Boston, but
    not day after day. And guess who shoveled snow, Yup the
    the recruits. We stood at attention for 3 hours in an ice storm,
    while our drill instructor an Aviation Boatswain Mate 1st class sat in the barracks and drank coffee
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