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Help me I need a computor tutor!

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  • Help me I need a computor tutor!

    Could someone please explain to me step-by-step how to add a photo to a post? I see something above that I thought has something to do with it but when I click on it it says "Script Prompt". I don't know what I'm doing
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    First off the photo has to be on the net somewhere, I use my personal web storage from my ISP, most ISP's (internet service providers) allow you a certain amount of space. Hot linking, this is linking to someone else's photo in storage or on a website is frowned upon. Although you may never hear about it and yes even I do it sometimes, most would rather you link to it instead of merely posting it.

    Script prompt is asking you for the address of the image, example of my truck post, this is the address:

    Entering this into the script prompt adds the image tags [.img] [./img] using html it allows the photo to be seen.


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      You can do it one of two ways in vBulletin...

      1. The way Capt.Xtreme explained, which can be boiled down to: take the URL of the picture that you want to show us off the browser's Address bar, copy it (Ctrl-C), then Paste it (Ctrl-V) between a [img] and [/img] tag. Alternately, use the Image button, and enter the URL into the pop-up.

      2. Scroll down past this box, and click "Manage Attachments." Then, upload the attachment (picture, word file, whatever) using the "browse" button, which will bring up a file dialog so you can find the file you want to upload. After you select that file, hit "Upload." This will put it inline.

      I have attached an image laying around on my HD, of a Blackinton uniform bar. This is how Davis002 uploaded images, etc, as well.
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        N. A.,

        If he emails you the image, can you upload it for him? Just a thought.
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