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French Remnants in Quebec?

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  • French Remnants in Quebec?

    Eric's post reminded me something I meant to ask our Eastern Canadian members some time ago but slipped my mind:

    Is there anything left of the French fortifications from the Seven Years' War (the French and Indian Wars to us Yanks) in and around Quebec and Montreal? Are they open to the public?

    Do the people of Quebec revere the memory of Montcalm? Or how about Wolfe?

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    I found this one, I hear it was involved in the war.

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      HotelSecurity will be able to be more insightful.

      Quebec City, just a few hours from Montreal has kept up battlegrounds and the walled city very well from the 1759, uh, shall we say altercation. The Plains of Abraham, the boardwalk, the outdoor cafe's and the people are worth the visit.

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        ^^^^^^^^Thanks to you both. Exactly what I was looking for.


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          Vieux Montréal (Old Montreal) has many historical sites open to the public including parts of the old wall.

          Québecois (Quebecers) do not celebrate the loss to Britain. There is a solid group of French Canadians that want Quebec to beome it's own country. (There are actually a very small number of Anglophones that support them). It has been agreed that before they would seperate they would have to win a referendum. So far aince 1980 there have been 2. The separtists lost 60% to 40% the first time but only 51% to 49% the last time. (1995). If the Parti Québcois gets elected in the soon to be announced election, there will be a 3rd referendum.
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