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Shortage Of Female Bodyguards

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  • Shortage Of Female Bodyguards

    Women celebrities (Lindsay Lohan, Beyonce Knowles, and J K Rowling, to name a few) often gravitate toward female bodyguards. (Read more)
    Bodyguard careers is an informational site with the purpose of providing female bodyguards with information and tools necessary to succeed in the industry

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    A little stretching the topic but last year I learnt that you can no longer hire an armed bodyguard in Montreal. (A legal one that is, Hells Angles are big here )

    We had a environment conference in town. There were a lot of government officals & oil people attending. The ones offically from a government were provided bodyguards from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. (RCMP). Some of the private individuals began calling hotels to arrange private bodyguards. It's then that we found out that gun licenses are no longer issued to bodyguards.

    You can hire an off duty cop in Montreal but they city police are not trained in bodyguards & they would not take the jobs either.
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