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What Do You Do If Someone Asks What Gun You're Carrying?

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  • What Do You Do If Someone Asks What Gun You're Carrying?

    Title says it all.

    I've had people ask me what kind of gun I carry at work.

    Superbad I've also had client employees, people I know. Ask me to give an opinion of a given gun I've been issued. That's not the same thing.

    What do you do?

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    Back when, I would simply answer, "This is a Glock Model 22."

    If there response was, "Oh, it is only a .22?" then I knew immediately that no further discussion was necessary!

    As far as specific opinion of an issued firearm, I would usually say something like, "Well, when I pull the trigger, it goes bang!"

    People may be simply trying to pass the time of day, so who cares?


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      Really depends upon who is asking. My supervisor has a somewhat humorous line that he gives when people ask such questions: "I don't discuss security business with non-security personnel. Have a nice day."


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        To answer my own question, I generally say it's a "whatever" and then I tell them that the company issued it to me (even if they didn't) and that I don't really have an opinion one way or the other.

        working as a security guard around client employees I actually did everything I could to de-emphasize the fact that I was armed. I certainly never displayed any interest in guns or the gun the company issued me.