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Off Duty Police Officers working Security

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  • Off Duty Police Officers working Security

    Good Evening, how common is it for off duty police officers to work security at sporting events and concerts? I know that in the Chicago area allot of Security at the United Center and Sox Park are either off duty or retired CPD. Thanks.

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    It is very common.


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      Don't know if you are still interested, Chicago1990, but it is becoming very common in the Seattle area. One company is paying active & reserve officers $30.00 an hour to start for security contracts, with the approval of the officer's department. Former officers are being offered good wages for armed security contracts.


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        Im out here in California and both myself and several other guys from my agency work off-duty gigs in the San Francisco Bay Area a few hours a week at s rate of +/- $50/hr. Some companies like MSA Security hire ONLY current/former LE to run explosive detection K9s and they do so on a full-time or part-time on-call basis. Others want off-duty cops to chauffeur them around for a few hours a day, so it can be pretty lucrative work. I'm sure it's no different in your area than it is out here.

        I'm assuming that you're active or retired? If your still active, I would advise you to check with your agency first, as some agencies have policies either prohibiting or limiting the type of work that csn be performed. Best of luck and be safe.