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    I don’t know if this is the proper place to post this, but I wanted to start a discussion about different companies and contract sites. I am about to move to Virginia and I’m curious about the several armed security companies I see in Virginia. Where I currently live there aren’t very many companies around except the bigger corporations. I’m 25 and have prior law enforcement and military experience. Here in NY I haven’t been too impressed by the companies and contract sites. Some of them are poorly run to say the least, and some imposs dangerous policies like not allowing officers to wear ballistic vests. I’m going to be looking for a full time security position while I’m working at getting back into LE, and I honestly would prefer doing security where I actually have to do something. I’m not too fond of sitting behind a desk 24/7, or in a shack. I’d like to be out in the community or in a housing area or something of that matter. If someone could point out what companies I should look into and what ones to avoid I would be greatly appreciated. Also I’m down to discussing companies and policies and whatnot as well.

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    I also responded to this on the other thread. I'd recommend looking at federal positions or federal contractors. The problem with residential armed security (IMHO) is you are generally patrolling low income or Section 8 housing - high risk and inadequate pay for what you're doing. Federal Protective Service is a good gig, but hard to get into. Good luck.