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    I am in the midst of a home renovation project and I was thinking of including some home automation features. After doing some research online I came across a two-way voice system ( ). My Grandmother lives with us and she is quite old so I think our household would benefit in having this installed. Has anybody ever used this before?How good are they? Are they reliable and worth the price? Any insight on this would be great.
    Two-way voice systems are life saving safety features that can be included with your ADT alarm. Here are the benefits of two-way voice systems.

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    While I cannot speak to this particular system I have installed two-way voice alarm systems all the way back to 1995. They do work. I installed one in the home of a man who was paraplegic. He stayed home all day while his wife went to work. The day after it was installed he fell out of his chair. He pushed his panic button and was able to get the operator to contact his next door neighbor who was able to help him. He avoided 8+ hours of laying in the floor. So they are totally worth it.

    These systems fell out of use as the POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) was being replaced by VoIP services (all digital phone services offered by ATT, Comcast, Charted, Verizon, etc are VoIP). VoIP does a pour job transmitting the alarm signal information and is not recommended to be used by most alarm companies or manufactures. Recently however some manufactures have been building some of their panels to transmit two way voice through a built in VoIP device. The panel plugs into your LAN or over the cellular data networks and sends the signal directly to the monitoring center's receiver. The VoIP side kicks in and allows voice communication between the two sides. I do not do home installation anymore, but I have set one of the Honeywell Lynx units up once and it worked well. There are other manufactures out there that will do it just as well.

    Keep in mind that the limitations of the technology. You have to be close enough to hear the operator and them hear you. My experience was good in this regard, most systems had sensitive mics and you could adjust them. But if you are outside, in a room with one or more closed doors, etc then you will decrease or eliminate the use of the two-way voice. If you have a bigger home look for a system that has the ability to add more speaker\mics. Also keep in mind that VoIP is very dependent on bandwidth. If you are using a system that is tied into your LAN make sure you have a fast