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  • Childproofing locks

    Hello all,

    I have 2 kids. Younger one is 2 year old and the elder one is 7 year old. Recently there were many burglary issues in our locality. Even if we were not invaded by them, we still have an inner fear. My elder son used to go out during late evenings to play. But in this case I don't think that leaving him out during late evenings is not a good idea. But he does not listen to me and he doesn't understand the seriousness of the situation.

    I happened read an article . So I've planned to install a high quality lock for my home. Do you know any best Locksmith services. Does anyone here have any first hand experience with Protection plus residential locksmith services?? Are they reliable?? Any suggestions regarding this are greatly welcomed.
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    Your biggest risk factor could be the kids your 7yr old is hanging out with. Boys that age who aren't just glued to the TV are into pulling Commando Raids, etc, mostly just for kicks. Avoid having any items that might interest little boys that your son might mention to friends. Cool knives, new video game equip, etc.

    Front door lock is probably least used point of entry. There was a TV show that had ex-cons show how easy it is to break into most homes, even after owners told to "lock up real good, like you gonna be gone for a while".

    MAYBE their "High quality lock" is harder to pick or bust, should still be very easy to install. It will use the same holes in the door as your old lock, and ANYONE can install in about 5mins with just a screw driver. Only thing people do wrong is over tighten the two screws that hold the inside and outside parts together. Should be only barely snug or latch wont operate.


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      Thank you Squid for your suggestion.. I know the kids with whom he is hanging out. They are good, but I want him to stay at home when it is dark. Since we are in a burglary prone area anything may happen at any time. So I don't want to risk my kids life. I want my kid to stay at home during evenings and I need protection against burglars. What shall I do??


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        Take some pics of your locks inside and out and post on some Home Repair forum, or take hard copies down to local locksmith and ask if they are substandard, and how much to swap out for good ones. There might be some local free police dept anti-burglar inspection program, but info is on the WWW.
        One thing these don't cover that I saw on TV is various ways second floor or high up windows can be accessed from fences, trees, 1st story roofs, etc.

        I'd start with dual-use items that make life easier in other ways, like some automatic lights on the outside that make life easier in dark months.