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Close protection tactics

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  • Close protection tactics

    I know of some security companies that do body guard work for special events, Does anyone have any experience with that, what are some of your tactics ? I Imagine that some of them are similer to loss prevention is this sense

    1. you want to blend in with the crowd
    2. Keep a close eye on the person your protecting
    3. Watch the hands of the hostiles
    4. Watch for hostile behavior (clenching fist, white pale face, 1000 mile stare)

    I am open for suggestions, please include your comments on body guard work and some of your tactics.

    stay safe

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    Whether or not you want to blend in is dependant on the situation.
    Just as sometimes a uniformed SOs presence will deter a crime sometimes you have to "broadcast" that you are there. I don't mean thumping your chest or even showing a badge or whatever. Sometimes you have to project YOUR presence.

    One man show:
    Where you are in relation to the client is also important....
    slightly behind but within reach. This way you are covering his six plus still able to intervene.

    Which side depends on the potential.

    Watching the Secret Service as the President is escorted to and from a building (only done when they do not have underground access).
    The lead Agent who is THE close protection guy is ALWAYS an arm length or less away. This is along with the numerous other S/S Agents AND PD.