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    What do you guys do to train on the side when your not working wether it be martial arts/dt/fitness/etc, lets hear some routines and ideas for how you stay in good shape for when you are doing security or Loss prevention, I will get us started

    I will do-cardio, full body weight work outs, body weight exercises, stability ball, defensive tactics, heavy bag, running, varius tools (bo, tonfa, kali stick, nunchuku, kobaton) I will also read up and stay current on the most recent research on survival stress, and hand to hand techniques.

    note-all this might seem a bit much, but I will be going to school for 2 years for security management shortly, plus my lpo stuff where I make arrests, I feel it is crucial that I am in phenomenal shape, and have the best knowledge.

    please add your own workouts and training methods
    Ben Wallace

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    You seem obsessed with martial arts skills instead of the reality of needing people skills.


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      Originally posted by Canuck
      You seem obsessed with martial arts skills instead of the reality of needing people skills.
      I've read his posts on a police self defense site. His work enviornment is high risk, as his class of offenders usually likes to fight back.

      People skills won't get you very far when you are required to physically arrest combative suspects as part of your daily job. They're important, but when the confrontation turns physical - letting the suspect "get away" is usually a quick ticket to the unemployment line. Or the hospital.
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        N. A. Corbier thank you

        -if it is any consolation I also study psychology, conflict resolution, verbal judo, mediation, and all that other stuff, but I will quote my lpo manual "one of the worst thing that can happen to a crack head is to be in a confined cell"

        thank you and stay safe
        again thank you N.A. Corbier


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          To answer the original post, I tend to circut type training twice a week and lift wieghts three times a week. I was a wrestler for 7 years and I found a pretty good website that sends out a newsletter free with workouts every month. I did three months of boxing lessons, but my reach and my height are just a little too short to do it competitivley, but at least I can throw a punch now. I also tend to throw heavy bag workouts in on my circut training days when I get bored with my normal routine.


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            I do strength training (weight lifting) and cardio (jogging or swimming) five days a week. One day a week I do defensive tactics (ACT or baton) or ground fighting. One day a week, usually Sunday, I take off to rest.

            Sometimes I will substitute a day of cardio with a day of defensive tactics since I HATE cardio, especially running. Swimming I can live with but it is not always possible to get to the pool. It takes a lot of discipline for me to get out and jog, but I always do it.


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              I'm looking at a cheap treadmill for cardio. I absolutely hate to jog. I also absolutely hate to jog during the spring and summer with these ****ing yellowjackets out.
              Some Kind of Commando Leader

              "Every time I see another crazy Florida post, I'm glad I don't work there." ~ Minneapolis Security on Florida Security Law


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                I know we need to do it, but it's not one of my favorites on my "To Do" list.

                I keep some dumbbells and hand-squeezers (?) near the TV. When I watch TV, I also use the time to work out. I include push-ups to. That usually gets my heart rate up nicely. I'll never be as fit as some athletic types, but I do what I can.
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                  I'm pretty strapped for time when it comes to exercise. Usually I do some circuit training with an ab roller and various calesthenics and lift weights once per week. It usually doesn't take any more than 20 minutes to complete.
                  If I had more time I would be including the jump rope and more weight lifting.
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                    try to get some of your colleagues together for a training session or maybe you could get your company to organise a training day for you and your colleagues. The hospital i work for provides aggession minimisation training. We are expected to train against violent attacks ourselves. Remember the simple guidelines, don't get too close if you can help it, stand side on to prevent a kick to the groin, watch for body, hand movements. And most important don't confine yourself.
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                      I do my patrols backwards. Instead of starting on the 20th floor & walking down, I start on the 4th sub basement & walk up.
                      I enforce rules and regulations, not laws.
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