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    1. A quick survey of 25 techniques for crime prevention:

    Allow popups, and click on each of the boxes for a slide-in screen with more discussion.

    2. Large number of specific problems-oriented guides. Written for police, but many are extremely useful on the private side and can also be very useful in your liaison efforts with the police to tackle specific problems as well:

    A number of these guides also have many internal links to other resources, so in a way this page of guides constitutes a problem-oriented portal.

    3. Problem analysis module (PAM). Register (free) and you can use this tool to help you think about crime-related problems in your domain or venue.

    4. Crime Prevention Studies: This is an extensive online library of which 18 of the 23 volumes are available in full text and the others are partially complete. Not all is pertinent to private security but much of it is, and there's enough here to read for the next year.

    POP Center Library Crime Prevention StudiesCrime Prevention StudiesISSN: 1065-7029 Published by Lynne Rienner PublishersVolumes 1-15 are available in full text, with table of contents, introduction, and abstracts provided for each volume. Tables of contents, introductory chapters and abstracts where available are provided for Volumes 16 and beyond. A hard copy of each title is available for purchase from Lynne Rienner Publishers.Adobe Acrobat is required to read or download these articles.Search the StudiesVolume 1 (1993) Edited by Ronald V. ClarkeVolume 2 (1994) Edited by Ronald V. ClarkeVolume 3 (1994) Edited by Ronald V. ClarkeVolume 4 (1995) Crime and Placeedited by John E.

    5. Policing Terrorism: 134-page online book from DOJ. Much here for security forces as well.

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    Thanks SecTrainer. I forwarded the post to our county police department's unit on the outside chance they might have missed something.
    You do credit to all of us.
    Enjoy the day,