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    Are there any S/O's on here who carry tasers on job? if so was training required? where did you get this training? Currently the training facility I've been going to only covers Guard Card/Gun/Baton/OC as most schools in my area. But none list Taser. Just wonder as this is something I would like to carry/learn to use. FYI I'm in the Alameda County of California. Thanks.

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    its a bit of a drive (Sacramento) but I got my training from California Security Training Academy. If I remember correctly it was training with stun gun, pepper spray and then Tazer. Im sure they would let you just to the tazer/stun portion. (Great Folks over there )

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      California BSIS does not issue permits for the Taser since they do not have the authority. Any private person/licensed guard may carry a taser on his/her person.

      FYI they also did away with the old baton permits. They now only issue generic permits. What that means is a guard can now carry both side handle or straight baton with their current baton.

      New Generic Baton Permits and Generic Baton Instructor Certificates
      Effective immediately, BSIS shall discontinue issuing baton permits or baton training certificates that specify what type of baton the person may carry on duty or for what type of baton the instructor may conduct training, such as a sidehandle or collapsible type of baton. BSIS shall be issuing only a single "generic" type of baton permit and baton instructor certificate.

      We recently conducted a review of the Private Security Act, BSIS regulations, and recent Regulatory Determinations issued by the Office of Administrative Law, and have determined that there is no specific authority for BSIS to designate or limit the type of batons used by licensees and training instructors. Under existing law BSIS only has authority to issue "a baton permit" or a "baton instructor certificate." In order to limit or specify the type(s) of baton used, BSIS would need to adopt a regulation. Consequently, all licensees holding a baton permit may carry any type of baton on the job regardless of the type specified on the baton permit so long as he or she is proficient in the use of the device. Also, a baton instructor with an old baton instructor certificate may teach any type of baton so long as the instructor is proficient in the use of the specific type of baton.

      The baton permit and baton instructor certificates are in the process of being modified. The new permits and certificates will state only that the holder may carry a baton or provide baton instruction. All references to types of batons are deleted. The application forms are also being modified. The new applications will clearly state that the applicant is applying for only a baton permit or a baton instructor certificate. All references to specific types of batons have been deleted. Finally, the current Baton Training Manual will also be revised. In the meantime, continue to use the current Baton Training Manual.

      In summary, what we have is authority to require an applicant to undergo baton training in order to receive a baton permit and for an applicant to meet a set of specific criteria to receive a baton instructor permit. However, once a permit or certificate is issued, the holder may carry or teach any type of baton.
      As a sidenote, I just became an authorized Taser dealer in the state of California. PM me for more info.
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        thanks for the info guys.


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          Buy a taser. Every taser comes with a civilian training certificate good for the civilian training course from a law enforcement Taser instructor.

          Now, if you want the actual law enforcement Taser course, go to and look up an instructor in your area.
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            So this is good to know considering the company I went to for a couple permits said I NEEDED a taser to carry on duty. Probably just trying to make more money, Unless things have changed since this thread is an older one. Anyone know anything updated for this information? Or am I still good to carry a taser on duty?




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