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  • Security Industry Authority Training.

    Howdy guys. I've now got my certain training dates!

    SIA Training: 3 Day Basic Job Training (Part1)
    1 Day Conflict Management (Part2)
    Training Start: 17th March 2008 - Training Ends 20th March 2008

    I cannot wait for the conflict management, learning how to floor people is good fun

    Can anyone give me some conflict management pointers? verbal and maybe a discription of how you might deal with someone becoming agressive?.
    Ewfr 'Gomulee - EuwFer 'Gom-You-Lee
    Court Security Officer - Her Majesty's Courts Service HMCS

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    Be nice, until its time not be nice, then be nice again.

    works every time.

    treat people how you would like to be treated under the same circumstances.

    deflect and redirect their aggression with calm, professional words. If workds fail, act.
    Wisdom - Having a lot to say, but knowing when to keep it to yourself.


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      Remember it's not so much what you say... but HOW you say it that really matters, people will read your body language (subconsciously OR not) and this can have a more profound impact than actual spoken words OR verbal directions

      BTW 4 day training course? out of curiousity what modules/topics does that cover (if you don't mind)?

      LiveNlearn... sounds like the advice Patrick Swayze's character provided to his crowd control staff in 'Road House'
      "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give" - Winston Churchill


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        i tried to quote as close as i could remeber, its been a long time since i swat the movie. But, its true, treat people with Re-spect and use professional language and you generally come out on top.
        Wisdom - Having a lot to say, but knowing when to keep it to yourself.