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    That's my point. Without a Medical Director on staff of the security firm (or client), having direct medical control of you... You're at best a First Responder and at worst a lay responder with WAY too much knowledge.
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      Here in utah, alot of companies use EMT guards, for office buildings....

      Rather then hiring an in house EMT , or nurse. for your everday, oh i have a headache, oops i got a papercut... type stuff.

      Here there is State level, then National. and youll get paid more as a EMT guard rather then working for a EMS company.
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        Quebec law requires all companies to have 1 First Aider on duty per 50 employees. The 16 hour training is provided free. Any other jurisdictions require First Aiders. (OSHA maybe?)
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          Originally posted by dannyr619 View Post
          I recently received my EMT-B. The main reason I went for it was simply to add to my resume and impress prospective employers. Also the contract security firm I work for, pays guards more money if they have an EMT cert. (and I think they charge the client more too.)

          But what I didn't know was that most of the skills I learned can only be preformed under Medical Direction from an MD. Likewise if you don't have the nessasary equipment and supplies, you can't preform many of your skills.

          As far as re-certs... I think I might work for an ambulance company part time to gain experience and meet the required continuing education.

          But I have to recomend the trainning overall, it was a great experience
          That means the medical director of whatever agency has jurisdiction in your area.

          Could I perform EMT skills while not being employed or on the job? Sure. I still have to perform as prescribed by the medical director of the agency that issued my license.

          No longer being an EMT I have to be careful and only do what my current certification allows, though much like security, there might be a circumstance where I say heck with it, I gotta do what I gotta do and live with the fallout.


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            Originally posted by HotelSecurity View Post
            Quebec law requires all companies to have 1 First Aider on duty per 50 employees. The 16 hour training is provided free. Any other jurisdictions require First Aiders. (OSHA maybe?)
            We have to pay for the 2 day training and as posted it is part of S/O licencing now (has been for 10 years). Working as a store LPM with 1 firm I would say we had 10 first aid calls a week minimum and coming into work earlier I would be the one doing them when staff had workplace injuries.
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              I am currently attending an EMT course. I use to be certified but let it expire big mistake. It's not an easy course and once and a great while you meet someone in management who has enough common sense to have security crossed trainined as medics. After all we are already on site and are the first responders which make big sense to me. The nice thing about getting a EMT cert is it puts you at much higher levil of professionalism because most in this field could never pass the course. The medical field is one of the few fields which the greedy corporate bastards cannot outsouce or insorce cheep labor to do. Another aspect which most forget is we are at war and with out wide open boarder it just a matter of time before we have another 911. God knows all the private soft targets being protected by untrained/uneducated warm bodies. Again mis-management at it's best.