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Seatbelt/child safety rant

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  • Seatbelt/child safety rant

    As I was driving today I noticed in a van beside me a child maybe 8-10 Yrs in the Passenger seat wearing a back pack and no seatbelt, leaning forward on to the dash board, looked as if he was writing something. I looked over at the father who was leaning back driving along apparently without a care in the world about the lil guys safety, but was wearing his seatbelt.

    This really bothered me, as all it takes is hitting the brakes and Juniors head smokes the windshield at minimum. I really wanted to say something to this absent minded moron, but didn't have the opportunity (I don't normally start stuff with strangers in traffic unless at work where I have the duty too, mind you kiddies aren't aloud on the property either).

    I'm not a parent but do know how fast "accidents" happen, had I been a cop seeing this I would have nailed him to the wall. I just cant rationalize how someone could be so absent minded to there young passengers well being...

    Folks, please prevent a tragedy and make sure your children are strapped in!

    A ticket is the least of your worries, when you don't click it.
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    Not wearing a seatbelt is a major fine in Australia and during peak holiday periods like Xmas, or long weekends we have double fines, on speeding and not wearing a seat belt together drink driving blitzes. In my state, kids are not allowed to sit in the front passenger seat until they are 12 due to too many kids being injured in front on or side collisions. With so many kids starting the school year tomorrow - it makes me wonder how many of them are going to be allowed to go to school without a seat belt on ?

    Some drivers just should consider taking the bus or walking as they are not responsible for their passengers and this sounds like Child Abuse to me.
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      JB, I TOTALLY agree with your opinion on this subject.

      If some idiot wants to go out driving around by themself, and not wear their seatbelt, that's fine with me, although I wish there was a law that stated if you are not wearing your seatbelt, and you get injured in an accident, any percentage of your injury which came about from not wearing your seatbelt would not have to be covered by anyone's insurance policy, including your own.

      Now, in regard to not making your kids use their seatbelts, I believe this is endangering your child's life, and insted of receiving a citation if caught, I think you should be arrested for misdemeanor child endangerment, and if you are involved in any traffic collision, and your child is hurt, you will be charged with felony child endangerment, and if the child is killed, you would also be charged with voluntary manslaughter.

      Yes, I'm a hard ass on this subject, but a child is the most precious thing there is, and it is an adult's job and #1 duty to protect them.


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        Just goes to show what my old S/Sgt used to say is true..."You need a licence to drive, fly, own a gun, carry a gun, hunt, fish, operate a boat - but any idiot can have a kid"
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          I was reading about vehicle computers in most new cars (was common in the USA) that measured like a black box recording of your driving speed, steering as in ice, mud, etc and whether you had your seat belt attached or not. It has been introduced for the insurance and investigations industry with LE backing it up for great dissection of traffic accidents and insurance claims when they person was injured as a result of speed, fatique or even a bad radio station.
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            According to my wife - it's been in cars here in the U.S. for much longer than most people realize.
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              Originally posted by Curtis Baillie View Post
              According to my wife - it's been in cars here in the U.S. for much longer than most people realize.
              You are correct. It is often used by accident investigators when fatal accidents occur. Great for catching liars...
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