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  • Law Enforcement/Private Security Training

    Attention, anyone who works or operates a armed security agency, if you are interested in training for yourself or your company as a whole, Great Lakes Training & Consulting can provide that training at one of their locations or at yours. The training courses that are provided are listed below. Whether you or your agency provides simple armed site security or an up scale level of security protection, GLTC can help you advance your knowledge and training.
    Courses are cost effective!

    Courses offered:
    Patrol Tactics
    Patrol Rifle
    Shotgun Courses
    Handgun Courses
    Basic Swat
    Basic Sniper
    Advanced Swat
    Advanced Sniper
    Tactical Breaching
    Executive Protection
    Surveilance OPS
    Tactical Medic
    Barricaded Gunman
    Entry and Exit Checkpoint Operations
    Community Policing, Field Training Officer
    Active Shooter

    GLTC can customize courses to fit your needs. GLTC can also offer Vunerability Assessments and Red Team exercises to test your security program currently used.

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    O.K., so who are you guys? What are the instructors creds, etc.?


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      The company is Great Lakes Training & Consulting, out of Ohio. All instructors are prior or current Military, Law Enforcement both patrol and special operations, Private security contractors with overseas experience. The sniper and executive protection courses are taught by instructors who are specifically tasked to that skill set. The website is .


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        The training can be taught at any location. We are currently looking for a location for a permanent training location, or looking to do a business partnership with a company that has the training facility (shoot houses, ranges, etc). So for now its basically MTT. Most of the courses are being taught in AL. There is a slight chance of one training location in TN.


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          I take it you are the owner of the company listed below your name. Send me a private message, I would like to talk to ya. Impressive background.