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Tip for Armed Officers

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  • Chucky
    This will show you what you can do under adverse conditions.

    This one has nothing to do with anything just thought you might enjoy it. The crew on the gun ship convince command that there would be less collateral
    damage then the 50 cal command wanted them to use. Right!! took out the whole block.
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  • Bill Warnock
    When I went thru AF Air Police in 1968 and again Sheriff's Academy in 1970, that was a common theme and it was practice and practice. The military has changed it procedures for wearing a holster. To be uniform, all holsters were worn on the right side. Left handed shooters would have to transfer the weapon to their left hand and then engage. That stopped with BG Sadler. It to our advantage to seriously play the mind "what if." What am I going to do and when am I going to do it should be paramount in our minds.
    Enjoy the day,

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  • bpdblue
    We practiced the weak hand use drill now and then on my former police department.

    It is odd to only be using one hand, and your weak hand at that, to load and charge your weapon.

    It should not feel strange to shoot with your weak hand, as that should be a fairly frequent affair.

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  • NRM_Oz
    The holster reload I have seen demonstrated when using your other hand to defend yourself using nothing, a torch or baton from the aggressor who may be coming towards you. This is also a method I have seen used on ranges for initial firearms loading for safety reasons when in close quarters to other people.

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  • davis002
    started a topic Tip for Armed Officers

    Tip for Armed Officers

    This tip was brought to my attention by one of our officers who is a firearms instructor.

    Most of us have trained in what to do if our gun hand is disabled. Very rarely are we trained in how to reload and charge our weapon without the use of our reaction hand (i.e. reaction hand disabled by gunshot wound). I'll admit, I was stumped at first. I felt it was important to share this advice with my fellow armed officers.

    Let's start with reloading your weapon with a fresh magazine. A few options were brought up, but I felt these two were the best.
    1. Holster and reload (see attached picture 108 for example)
    2. Behind the knee reload (see attached picture 109 for example)

    Now that you have a fresh magazine, you will likely need to charge your weapon (see attached picture 110). If your weapon has iron sights, you charge your weapon using the iron sights on any suitable, rigid edged surface. I used my holster as an example. You can use your duty belt, boot, countertop, etc.

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