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California Security Training Facilities

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  • California Security Training Facilities

    I am trying to build a list of California security training facilities/providers with websites. If you know of any please reply to this post or send me a private message. Thanks.

    I have also been trying to build a list of California security companies with websites and any information on that would help too.

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    I live in L.A. county and their are a few schools that I've attended. Starting with La Puente ROP you can check them out on the net. They are a State training facility that offers training in area such as Powers of arrest,Firearms, Baton,Chemical agents, Report writhing and lot's of others for a small fee. Most classes go for about $10. On the more advance side their is Top Gun shooting school. Their off the !5 FWY and worth a visit. A school that I often attend is TFTT their local.They are a no BS school that is more for advance very serious students. It's more for operators being military,private contractors, advance law enforcement and other armed professionals. Be advised they have a zero tollerance for unsafe weapon handleling skills or unsafe conduct. For those who have served in in the combatart aspect of the military, Wellcome back. Hope this helps.